Establishment of The Independent ICT Industry's Committee

The Committee was founded in January 2016. The main reason was
unsatisfactory situation within the Czech Telecommunications market, as well
as a need to better influence number of topics being discussed at the time:

Business environment in the IT and Telecom markets is defined in the Czech
Republic as generally a two-track system. There are a few large companies
which in general are given considerable space regarding the government
decision influence. But apart from that there is a significant number of
smaller independent companies without representation serving significant
market share and providing indispensable service who's voice needs to be

The interest of these independent subjects is to maintain healthy
competition environment as one of the most important elements of sustainable
development, and an emphasis on the principles and rules of the European
Union that contribute to business development across European countries.
Those are the themes which nowadays are not emphasized and instead
short-sighted and short-term solutions benefiting small group of subjects
are often preferred.

The Committee's main task is therefore to provide professional expertise to
the widest extent possible and to make it possible for relevant interest
representation for those entities in ICT industries that would otherwise
have difficulty accessing these resources but which, at the same time, are
interested in actively participating in the sector competition and
contribute to the promotion of European principles and principles. The
Committee includes experts sharing a common vision of the development of the
digital economy and, last but not least, the development of real next
generation networks.

The challenges facing our Committee are, in particular, the issue of next
generation network development, support of a real market competition and
general market protection from insensitive state interventions (regulation,
public support, radio spectrum management, enabling network deployment,
principles of technological neutrality, level playing field doctrine)